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"Generous with his time"

Working with Bhima Sheridan has been a delight. We were first time home buyers with an FHA loan, which is challenging for the Bay Area. He was generous with his time meeting us in Vallejo for entire afternoons of house hunting. He was responsive and communicative explaining each step of the process and answering all of our questions. If he didn't know the answer he would research it for us. Bhima has been a wonderful ally in our transition from city renters to Vallejo homeowners, always looking out for our best interests, even when we were looking at houses that were inappropriate for us. Bhima is an honest genuine realtor with experience in engineering and architecture. He can speak knowledgeably on a wide range of topics that impact home buying from health and safety to fiscal investment. We valued his ethics and honesty. They made us feel confident in his thoughts and insights. We would recommend Bhima without hesitation to anyone looking to navigate the challenging Bay Area real estate market.

- Elijah W. and Beatrice T.

"Smooth and Quick"

As a single person buying a home in the Bay Area, I needed someone who I could trust to be honest and help me navigate the complicated waters of purchasing a home here. Bhima was exceptional in meeting these needs, and was stellar as my realtor for this big purchase. He is extremely knowledgeable of the real estate business in addition to having a thorough technical understanding of how homes are constructed and what red flags to look for. He was able to objectively help me weigh the pros and cons in my decision making process, and was really on the ball making sure the numerous documents were all signed and submitted on time. He was an excellent communicator, always asking questions and listening to understand my needs; he was easy to reach, and I felt that he was always keeping my best interests at the forefront. He proved to be a solid negotiator between myself and the seller as well. The process was smooth and quick, and overall I had a positive home buying experience. I highly recommend Bhima to anyone looking to purchase a home.

- Amy S.

"Professional, Responsive, and Detailed"

As first time homebuyers, there was a lot we didn't know about Bay Area real estate. Bhima was professional, responsive, and detailed. He patiently helped us navigate the process and was knowledgeable about everything from the escrow process to recommending potential improvements to houses. He was easily accessible when we had concerns and kept our spirits up with his positive energy. We highly recommend Bhima to anyone buying a home in the Bay Area!

- Karen L. and Cary T.

"They are professional"

Bhima is extremely knowledgeable about the ever evolving market in Oakland and was able to narrow down our search quickly. He paid close attention to everything that was the most important to us in finding a new home and he successfully got us into escrow within a few short months. I would absolutely recommend working with Bhima and his team - they are professional, smart and work quickly.

- Shaina E.

"Transparent and Sincere"

We feel very fortunate to have had Bhima in our corner as first-time home buyers in the crazy Bay Area market. He has a keen eye for expensive fixes and is candid about risks. We genuinely appreciated his transparent and sincere style; we never felt rushed or pushed into making stressful decisions. He is patient, thorough, accessible, knowledgeable, and honest -- we couldn't recommend him more!

- Jessie R. and Jorge M.